Mission Statement

Sunraysia Petroleum Business, Health Safety,
Environmental Protection, Quality assurance Statement.

The vision of Sunraysia Petroleum is to become the regions premier privately owned fuel and lubricants supplier. We will achieve this goal through providing the highest quality products and services at competitive prices whilst tailoring our services to meet the needs of the highly diversified customer base we service throughout the district and interstate. Whilst achieving these goals we will ensure that we maintain good HSSEQ performance so that our staff and customers are always placed first in all aspects of contact with our organization. We will also strive to never conduct any work practice that could result in harm being done to the environment. These commitments will be ongoing and ensure that we will be continually looking for ways to improve our safety, quality and environmental systems.

To this end we will:
  1. Consult, Listen and respond openly to our employees, customers, neighbours and those who work with us.
  2. Identify, assess and rectify HSSEQ risks.
  3. Openly report our HSSEQ performance.
  4. Comply with all HSE regulatory requirements.
  5. Develop and implement training programs to achieve our goals of providing a safe, prosperous and enjoyable work place.
Our business plans include continual measurement of HSSEQ targets with an ongoing commitment to improve our performance.

Steven Saunders - Managing Director

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